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Why Iran? Reasons to travel to Iran are the following:

Iran has a millennia old history with many ancient well preserved historical sites, some of them listed on the Unesco world heritage list. Irianian people are extremely hospitable and friendly, not just in Iran but also abroad. I have hardly met an Iranian who is not friendly. And this is not just towards foreigners. They have a kind of institutionalised politeness called "taarof". Furthermore they have a healthy and diverse cuisine, exquisite fish- and many vegetarian dishes. The landscape is surrealistic and Iran is a four season country which doesn't merely consist of desert. There are ski resourts and eternal snow, vulcanos like mount Damavand, the highest active vulcano in Asia, Dasht-e Lut the hottest place on earth with temperatures reaching a stunningly 700 Celcius! Mangrove forests in Qeshm, an island in the Persian Gulf, sub-tropical rainforests in the north around the Caspian sea. Ethnic diversity like Turks, Arabs, Kurds, Lori, Baluchi, Bakhtiari and nomads like the Qashqai. Worlds most famous poets: Rumi, Haafez, Khayyam, Saadi were born there and their tombs attract many tourists from both Iran and the rest of the world. The Persian empire was once the biggest empire in the world. House of an ancient religion called Zoroastrianism of which the core still can be found in the hearts of many Iranian people. The weather is nice too, in summer it can be a bit hot but even in july you can find cooler places like Shahr-e Kord (the roof of Iran) and Ardabil. If you want luxury a la Dubai you can go to Kish, another Island in the Persian gulf.

Last but not least: despite the political turmoil (which country doesn't have turmoil?), Iran is the safest country in the Middle-East.

If you can see through the usual sceptisism and prejudice, we guarantee you an awesome experience!

All of this at about five hours flying from Germany and the Netherlands and most other European countries.

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