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PLANIT - پلانیت - Paz y Esperanza

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About us

PLANIT, we all benefit. Connecting Cultures and Hosting Hospitality since 1970.

The first idea about PLANIT arose in 2001. Initially spelled as PlanIT, a company aiming at the IT market, later as Planit text editing and since early 2018 it is writte as PLANIT. From 11 march 2018 it was also translated into the Persian alphabet پلانیت.

Since there is not much difference between i and e in Persian and also can be pronounced in different ways in different languages, I decided to pronounce it just as we pronounce our beautiful PLANET called Mother Earth. Thats where the colours and logo come from. The logo I designed myself in 1997.

The company name is a concatenation of the first four letters of my last name and IT as in Informationtechnology. However adding IT to PLAN also means "plan it!". Referring to the fact that if you plan things in advance and well thought, the outcome will be more predictably and satisfactory for all parties. Because we are a travel agency and more, it sounds like planet, our planet of which we are all part of and which we help keep as green as possible. That's where our logo and the colours used in our housestyle come from. Furthermore the colour white symbolizes peace and the colour green symbolizes hope. Hence our slogan: Peace and Hope, in Spanish: Paz y Esperanza.


PLANIT is registered at the Dutch chamber of commerce under number: 70987246

PLANIT B.V. is registered at the Dutch chamber of commerce as a limited liability company under number: 71588345

PLANIT is a registered trademark at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) under application number: 139204


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